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Things To Consider

The following is a simple list of things to consider when planning your visit to our Zoo.
Sun-block: Not necessary. The vast majority of the Zoo path is shaded. The overhead protection is however, intended to provide protection from the sun. 
Bug Repellent: Strongly recommended. This Zoo is located in a natural jungle environment.
Apparel: Closed shoes as well as pants. The Zoo was built on the land, rather than trough it. Making it essentially one big hill, in the middle of the jungle. Although the pathway is paved, we still recommend shoes that have some traction to them. The added layer of protection that pants offer is something we recommend, yet not a necessity.
Animal Food: Here at this Zoo, we encourage interaction between visitors and our residents. At the entrance is the opportunity to obtain a food bag for the animals. We ask for a minimum donation for said food bag, but that bag allows you to interact a lot more than you would otherwise. Please note- although we allow feeding of the animals on site, due to various safety reasons, we do not allow any non-authorized items to be given to them.
Time frame: At a casual pace, it takes about Two hours  to get through the Zoo. Maybe a little extra if you decide to interact with the cubs as well. Your admission pass into the Zoo acts as a day pass, allowing you to take your time, and go at your own pace.
The type of jungle we are located at is very green due to frequent rain. During the rainy seasons, an umbrella would be recommended.
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