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Make a Difference

Zoologico de Vallarta is a non-profit organization that works with various credited organizations on a global basis, to help improve the quality of life of animals, especially those in danger of extinction. Here at this facility we easily have the highest number of successful offspring from endangered animals out of ANY other facility in the country, and also serve as a sanctuary for rescued animals in need of care. We are an organization that operates without any form of government funding. Any contributions made will go towards improving our facilities. We plan on expanding the Zoo so that we may care for more animals, while at the same time, improving the areas we’ve already established. We ask for donations in order to help us do so. We do not receive any financial help from associations, governments or agencies and are sustained only with the contribution of our visitors. Everything you give is for nutrition, preventive medicine and the improvement of our shelters. We thank you for your patronage and hope that you may visit us soon.
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